July 7, 2013

The online Journal News posted follow-up coverage of the VETFAMSA-hosted, Intersections Co-sponsored Sister Spirit: An All Women Veteran Civilian Dialogue (Co-facilitators Mary Wagner and Lori Arella) which took place on May 31, 2013.

June 9, 2013

Health fair in Wappingers Falls offers checkups, info, more

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November 12, 2012

VETFAMSA and the Veterans Day Vigil -- we are on the map now! Thank you all for your support of VETFAMSA and for all that you are doing to support military families in the Hudson Valley.

Sincerely, Lorinda R. Arella, Ph.D.

Print coverage in the Times Herald Record:

By John Sullivan
Times Herald-Record
Published: 2:00 AM - 11/12/12

Highland — Her plans thwarted by the chaos of Hurricane Sandy, Lori Arella plowed forward anyway on Sunday to launch an awareness campaign of military suicides.

"I think we've all been reaching this point," Arella said, referring to the growing activism among the military and veterans support groups in addressing the issue.

The number of suicides among active military personnel now exceeds the toll of combat deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

And sadly, the figure is on course to spike even higher; this year saw one military death per day over its first 155 days, according to U.S. Department of Defense figures obtained by the Associated Press.

The reason for the acceleration is little known, Arella said, but the urgency of the situation has kicked groups such as Arella's Veteran Family Support Alliance into high gear.

The Hudson Valley group of some 150 members is teaming up with Intersections International, a New York City veterans support group, which is training some 20 facilitators to moderate discussions about suicide and other veterans issues for civilians and active and retired soldiers, said Arella, a licensed psychologist and one of the facilitators in training.

Arella said her group hopes to hold such meetings at Dutchess County Community College in Poughkeepsie and Mount Saint Mary College in Newburgh in the Hudson Valley by the end of this year.

Those interested in helping VETFAMSA's campaign should call 845-226-4218.